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vb. To unite or knit together confusedly; to interweave or interlock, as threads, so as to make it difficult to unravel the knot; to entangle; to ravel. To involve; to ensnare; to entrap; as, to be tangled in lies.

 - vb. To be entangled or united confusedly; to get in a tangle.

 - n. (Bot.) Any large blackish seaweed, especially the Laminaria saccharina. See Kelp. A knot of threads, or other thing, united confusedly, or so interwoven as not to be easily disengaged; a snarl; as, hair or yarn in tangles; a tangle of vines and briers. Used also figuratively. pl. An instrument consisting essentially of an iron bar to which are attached swabs, or bundles of frayed rope, or other similar substances, - used to capture starfishes, sea urchins, and other similar creatures living at the bottom of the sea. Blue tangle. (Bot.)See Dangleberry. - Tangle picker (Zool.), the turnstone.

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