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n. (Arch.) An oval figure, whose moldings are oblique to the axis of the work. Swash plate (Mach.), a revolving circular plate, set obliquely on its shaft, and acting as a cam to give a reciprocating motion to a rod in a direction parallel to the shaft.

 - adj. Soft, like fruit too ripe; swashy.

 - vb. To dash or flow noisily, as water; to splash; as, water swashing on a shallow place. To fall violently or noisily. To bluster; to make a great noise; to vapor or brag.

 - n. Impulse of water flowing with violence; a dashing or splashing of water. A narrow sound or channel of water lying within a sand bank, or between a sand bank and the shore, or a bar over which the sea washes. Liquid filth; wash; hog mash. A blustering noise; a swaggering behavior. A swaggering fellow; a swasher.

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