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In almost every State - indeed, in almost every western democracy - it is a crime to assist a suicide. See Compassion in Dying v. Washington, 79 F.3d 790, 847, and nn. 10-13 (CA9 1996) (Beezer, J., dissenting) (“In total, forty-four states, the District of Columbia and two territories prohibit or condemn assisted suicide”) (citing statutes and cases); Rodriguez v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 107 D. L. R. (4th) 342, 404 (Can. 1993) (“[A] blanket prohibition on assisted suicide . . . is the norm among western democracies”) (discussing assisted-suicide provisions in Austria, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, and France). Since the Ninth Circuit's decision, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Iowa have enacted statutory assisted-suicide bans. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14:32.12 (West Supp. 1997); R. I. Gen. Laws §§ 11-60-1, 11-60-3 (Supp. 1996); Iowa Code Ann. §§ 707A.2, 707A.3 (Supp. 1997). For a detailed history of the States' statutes, see Marzen, O'Dowd, Crone, & Balch, Suicide: A Constitutional Right?, 24 Duquesne L. Rev. 1, 148-242 (1985) (App.) (hereinafter Marzen). The States' assisted-suicide bans are not innovations. Rather, they are longstanding expressions of the States' commitment to the protection and preservation of all human ...

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