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vb. To write underneath, as one's name; to sign (one's name) to a document. To sign with one's own hand; to give consent to, as something written, or to bind one's self to the terms of, by writing one's name beneath; as, parties subscribe a covenant or contract; a man subscribes a bond. To sign at the end of a document. To attest by writing one's name beneath; as, officers subscribe their official acts, and secretaries and clerks subscribe copies or records. To promise to give, by writing one's name with the amount; as, each man subscribed ten dollars. To sign away; to yield; to surrender. To sanction. To declare over one's signature; to publish.

 - vb. To sign one's name to a letter or other document. To give consent to something written, by signing one's name; hence, to assent; to agree. To become surely; - with for. To yield; to admit one's self to be inferior or in the wrong. To set one's name to a paper in token of promise to give a certain sum. To enter one's name for a newspaper, a book, etc.

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