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n. The stump of a tree; that part of a tree or plant which remains fixed in the earth when the stem is cut down; - applied especially to the stump of a small tree, or shrub. A log; a block; a blockhead. The short blunt part of anything after larger part has been broken off or used up; hence, anything short and thick; as, the stub of a pencil, candle, or cigar. A part of a leaf in a check book, after a check is torn out, on which the number, amount, and destination of the check are usually recorded. A pen with a short, blunt nib. A stub nail; an old horseshoe nail; also, stub iron.

 - Stub end (Mach.), the enlarged end of a connecting rod, to which the strap is fastened.

 - Stub iron, iron made from stub nails, or old horseshoe nails, - used in making gun barrels.

 - Stub mortise (Carp.), a mortise passing only partly through the timber in which it is formed.

 - Stub nail, an old horseshoe nail; a nail broken off; also, a short, thick nail.

 - Stub ...

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