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imp. of Stave.

 - n. A house or room artificially warmed or heated; a forcing house, or hothouse; a drying room; - formerly, designating an artificially warmed dwelling or room, a parlor, or a bathroom, but now restricted, in this sense, to heated houses or rooms used for horticultural purposes or in the processes of the arts. An apparatus, consisting essentially of a receptacle for fuel, made of iron, brick, stone, or tiles, and variously constructed, in which fire is made or kept for warming a room or a house, or for culinary or other purposes. Cooking stove, a stove with an oven, opening for pots, kettles, and the like, - used for cooking.

 - Dry stove. See under Dry.

 - Foot stove. See under Foot.

 - Franklin stove.

 - Stove plant (Bot.), a plant which requires artificial heat to make it grow in cold or cold temperate climates. - Stove plate, thin iron castings for the parts of stoves.

 - vb. To keep warm, in a house or room, by artificial heat; as, to stove orange trees. To heat or dry, as in a ...

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