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n. One of a number of narrow strips of wood, or narrow iron plates, placed edge to edge to form the sides, covering, or lining of a vessel or structure; esp., one of the strips which form the sides of a cask, a pail, etc. One of the cylindrical bars of a lantern wheel; one of the bars or rounds of a rack, a ladder, etc. A metrical portion; a stanza; a staff.

 - (Mus.) The five horizontal and parallel lines on and between which musical notes are written or pointed; the staff. Stave jointer, a machine for dressing the edges of staves.

 - vb. To break in a stave or the staves of; to break a hole in; to burst; - often with in; as, to stave a cask; to stave in a boat. To push, as with a staff; - with off. To delay by force or craft; to drive away; - usually with off; as, to stave off the execution of a project. To suffer, or cause, to be lost by breaking the cask. To furnish with staves or rundles. To render impervious or solid by driving with a calking ...

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