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 The continuing claims doctrine operates to save parties who have pled a series of distinct events-each of which gives rise to a separate cause of action-as a single continuing event. In such cases, the continuing claims doctrine operates to save later arising claims even if the statute of limitations has lapsed for earlier events. 74 Fed. Cl. 692, 695-96 (2006).

'In order for the continuing claim doctrine to apply, the plaintiff's claim must be inherently susceptible to being broken down into a series of independent and distinct events or wrongs, each having its own associated damages.' Id. at 696 'In military pay cases, a threshold question can be framed as whether the plaintiff is challenging the quantum of pay to which he is undisputedly entitled, or whether he is challenging his right to receive pay at all.' Id. The court concluded that Mr. Baka's claim was continuing because '[t]he claim can be divided into discrete wrongs, each of which is deemed to have accrued in the month when the Government withheld a portion of Mr. Baka's retirement pay for the benefit of his former wife.' Id. at 697.

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