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vb. To bend. To lay on closely, or in folds; to work upon steadily, or with repeated acts; to press upon; to urge importunately; as, to ply one with questions, with solicitations, or with drink. To employ diligently; to use steadily. To practice or perform with diligence; to work at.

 - vb. To bend; to yield. To act, go, or work diligently and steadily; especially, to do something by repeated actions; to perform in repetition acts of the same kind; to go back and forth; as, a steamer plies between certain ports. (Naut.) To work to windward; to beat.

 - n. A fold; a plait; a turn or twist, as of a cord. Bent; turn; direction; bias. Ply is used in composition to designate folds, or the number of webs interwoven; as, a three-ply carpet. A layer or fold. Commonly used to describe the thickness of any built-up surface, such as plywood, veneers, tires, etc.

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