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The place where a person usually transacts affairs or business. A place occupied, continually or at regular periods, by a person or her employees, in the pursuit of a lawful employment which occupies her time, attention and labor. When a person keeps a store, shop, counting room or office, independently and distinctly from all other persons, that is deemed a place of business and when someone usually transacts their business at the counting house, office, and the like, occupied and used by another, that will also be considered a place of business, if she has no independent place of her own. But when he has no particular right to use a place for such private purpose, as in an insurance office, in exchange room, banking room, a post office, and the like, where persons generally resort, these will not be considered as the party's place of business, although he may occasionally or transiently transact business there. It is a general rule that a notice of the non-acceptance or non-payment of a bill, or of the non-payment of a note, may be sent either to the domicile or place of business of the person to be affected by such notice, ...

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