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n. Anything used to support the head of a person when reposing; especially, a sack or case filled with feathers, down, hair, or other soft material.

 - (Mach.) A piece of metal or wood, forming a support to equalize pressure; a brass; a pillow block.

 - (Naut.) A block under the inner end of a bowsprit. A kind of plain, coarse fustian. Lace pillow, a cushion used in making hand- wrought lace.

 - Pillow bier, a pillowcase; pillow slip.

 - Pillow block (Mach.), a block, or standard, for supporting a journal, as of a shaft. It is usually bolted to the frame or foundation of a machine, and is often furnished with journal boxes, and a movable cover, or cap, for tightening the bearings by means of bolts; - called also pillar block, or plumber block. - Pillow lace, handmade lace wrought with bobbins upon a lace pillow.

 - Pillow of a plow, a crosspiece of wood which serves to raise or lower the beam.

 - Pillow sham, an ornamental covering laid over a pillow when not in use.

 - Pillow slip, a pillowcase.


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