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n. (Mil.) A foot soldier's weapon, consisting of a long wooden shaft or staff, with a pointed steel head. It is now superseded by the bayonet. A pointed head or spike; esp., one in the center of a shield or target. A hayfork. A pick. A pointed or peaked hill. A large haycock. A turnpike; a toll bar.

 - (Zool.) sing. & pl. A large fresh-water fish found in Europe and America, highly valued as a food fish; - called also pickerel, gedd, luce, and jack. Blue pike, grass pike, green pike, wall-eyed pike, and yellow pike, are names, not of true pike, but of the wall-eye. See Wall-eye. Gar pike. See under Gar.

 - Pike perch (Zool.), any fresh-water fish of the genus Stizostedion See Wall-eye, and Sauger.

 - Pike pole, a long pole with a pike in one end, used in directing floating logs.

 - Pike whale (Zool.), a finback whale of the North Atlantic having an elongated snout; - called also piked whale.

 - Sand pike (Zool.), the lizard fish.

 - Sea pike (Zool.), the garfish (a).

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