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Latin. adv, piously, religiously

 - n. An article of food consisting of paste baked with something in it or under it; as, chicken pie; venison pie; mince pie; apple pie; pumpkin pie. See Camp, n. Pie crust, the paste of a pie.

 - n. (Zool.) (a) A magpie. (b) Any other species of the genus Pica, and of several allied genera. [Written also pye.] (R. C. Ch.) The service book. (Print.) Type confusedly mixed. See Pi. By cock and pie, an adjuration equivalent to. - Tree pie (Zool.), any Asiatic bird of the genus Dendrocitta, allied to the magpie. - Wood pie. (Zool.) See French pie, under French.

 - vb. See Pi.

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