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Evidence, remedies. A judgment rendered in a foreign state by a foreign court. Any judgment, decree or order of a court of the United States or of any state or territory which is entitled to full faith and credit. In Louisiana it has been decided that a judgment rendered by a Spanish tribunal, under the former government of the country, is not a foreign judgment.

Foreign judgments are authenticated in various ways; 1. By an exemplification, certified under the great seal of the state or country where it was rendered. 2. By a copy proved to be a true copy. 3. By the certificate of an officer authorized by law, which certificate must, itself, be properly authenticated. There is a difference between the judgments of courts of common law jurisdiction and courts of admiralty, as to the mode of proof of judgments rendered by them. Courts of admiralty are under the law of nations; certificates of such judgments with their seals affixed, will therefore be admitted in evidence without further proof. A judgment rendered in a foreign country by a court de jure, or even a court defacto, in a matter within its jurisdiction, when the parties litigant ...

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