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n. The accomplishing of any purpose violently, precipitately, prematurely, or with unusual expedition.

 - (Gardening) The art of raising plants, flowers, and fruits at an earlier season than the natural one, as in a bed or by the use of artificial heat. Forcing bed or pit, a plant bed having an under layer of fermenting manure, the fermentation yielding bottom heat for forcing plants; a hotbed.

 - Forcing engine, a fire engine.

 - Forcing fit (Mech.), a tight fit, as of one part into a hole in another part, which makes it necessary to use considerable force in putting the two parts together.

 - Forcing house, a greenhouse for the forcing of plants, fruit trees, etc.

 - Forcing machine, a powerful press for putting together or separating two parts that are fitted tightly one into another, as for forcing a crank on a shaft, or for drawing off a car wheel from the axle.

 - Forcing pump. See Force pump (b).

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