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Fit autem disseisina, non solum cum quis praesens, vel procurator vel familia, qui nomine suo fuerit in seisina violenter injuste et sine judicio, ex libero, tenemento suo, lenter, injuste, et sine judicio, ex libero, tenemento suo, qualicunque ejecti fuerunt-verum erit disseisina, cum quis ad nundinas, vel peregre profectus fuerit, nemine in domo relicto, vel possessione, alius in possessionem ingrediatur, et ipsum reversum, non admittat, vel eum ingredi voluerit, per se vel assumptis viribus, violenter repellat. Item non solum fit disseisina, Secundum quod praedictum est, sed etiam si quis praepotens uti voluerit in alterum tenementum, contra ipsius tenentis voluntatem, arando, falcando, asportando, et contrahendo, tenementum esse suum quod est alterius, si autem nihil clamaverit in tenemento aliud erit,quae tune erit transgressio, nou disseisina, in libero tenemento.

Latin. But it becomes a disseisin, not only when any one being present, or his agent, or family, who, in his name, were in possession, have been violently, unjustly, and without any judgment, in any manner ejected from the freehold - but it will be a disseisin when any person shall be gone to a market (or a fair) or shall have gone from home, and no one being left in the ...

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