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See also First Amendment (forum) The First Amendment provides that 'Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech. . . .' There is no doubt that, as a general matter, peaceful picketing and leafletting are expressive activities involving 'speech' protected by the First Amendment. E.g., 447 U. S. 460 (1980); Gregory v. Chicago, 394 U. S. 111, 394 U. S. 112 (1969); Jamison v. Texas, 318 U. S. 413 (1943); Thornhill v. Alabama, 310 U. S. 88 (1940); Lovell v. Griffin, 303 U. S. 444 (1938); Schneider v. State, 308 U. S. 147 (1939).

It is also true that 'public places' historically associated with the free exercise of expressive activities, such as streets, sidewalks, and parks, are considered, without more, to be 'public forums.' See Perry Education Assn. v. Perry Local Educators' Assn., 460 U. S. 37, 460 U. S. 45 (1983); Carey v. Brown, supra, at 447 U. S. 460; Hudgens v. NLRB, 424 U. S. 507, 424 U. S. 515 (1976); Cox v. New Hampshire, 312 U. S. 569, 312 U. S. 574 (1941); Hague v. CIO, 307 U. S. 496, 307 U. S. 515 (1939). In such places, ...

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