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A child's companionship and affection to a parent. See also Parental consortium and also Loss of consortium. A review of the case law reveals little support for the adoption of a cause of action for the loss of filial consortium. At common law, the father of a tortiously injured child did have a cause of action to recover the value of the child's loss of services and the medical expenses incurred on the child's behalf. See Jones, 170 Eng. Rep. 334; W. Page Keaton et al., Prosser and Keaton on the Law of Torts § 125, at 934 (5th ed. 1984) [hereinafter Prosser]; see also Skollingsberg v. Brookover, 26 Utah 2d 45, 484 P.2d 1177, 1178 (Utah 1971); Ostertag v. LaMont, 339 P.2d 1022, 1026 (Utah 1959); Siciliano v. Capitol City Shows, 124 N.H. 719, 475 A.2d 19, 21 (N.H. 1984). However, this action was based on a father's right to his minor children's services and a father's obligation to pay his minor children's medical expenses. See Jones v. Brown, 170 Eng. Rep. 334 (1794); Prosser at 934; see also Skollingsberg, 484 P.2d at 1178-79; Ostertag, 339 P.2d at 1026; Siciliano, 475 A.2d at 21. ...

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