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A place where persons and things are taken across a river or other stream in boats or other vessels, for hire. A boat or vessel used to carry persons or property across water. In England a ferry is considered a franchise which cannot be set up without the king's license. In most, perhaps all of the United States, ferries are regulated by statute. The termini of a ferry are at the water's edge.

 - vb. To carry or transport over a river, strait, or other narrow water, in a boat.

 - vb. To pass over water in a boat or by a ferry.

 - n. pl. Ferries. A place where persons or things are carried across a river, arm of the sea, etc., in a ferryboat. A vessel in which passengers and goods are conveyed over narrow waters; a ferryboat; a wherry. A franchise or right to maintain a vessel for carrying passengers and freight across a river, bay, etc., charging tolls. Ferry bridge, a ferryboat adapted in its structure for the transfer of railroad trains across a river or bay. - Ferry railway. See under Railway.

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