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Abbreviated Fed. adj. A system of governments with vertical divisions into national and regional sovereigns. Governments joined in a union with central and predominate authority. Appertaining to the community of sovereign states, the United States of America.

 - adj. Pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations; constituted by a compact between parties, usually governments or their representatives. Specifically: (a) Composed of states or districts which retain only a subordinate and limited sovereignty, as the Union of the United States, or the Sonderbund of Switzerland. (b) Consisting or pertaining to such a government; as, the Federal Constitution; a Federal officer. (c) Friendly or devoted to such a government; as, the Federal party. see Federalist. Federal Congress. See under Congress. Government. This term is commonly used to express a league or compact between two or more states. In the United States the central government of the Union is federal. The constitution was adopted 'to form a more perfect union' among the states, for the purpose of self-protection and for the promotion of their mutual happiness.

 - n. See Federalist.

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