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An advisory jury or council to aid a court in a family law issue. The members of this jury or council have a bias and an affection for those whose affairs it is called to deliberate. It is called to aid the court in determining affairs in which the members of the family are interested, such as the appointment of the curator of an interdict, a lunatic or an infant. Generally, such juries are composed of family members but if there are no relatives it can be summoned and include close friends. Family councils, or family meetings in Louisiana, are meetings of at least five relations, or in default of relations of minors or other persons on whose interest they are called upon to deliberate, then of the friends of such minors or other persons. The appointment of the members of the family meeting is made by, the judge. The relations or friends must be selected from among those domiciled in the parish in which the meeting is held; the relations are selected according to their proximity, beginning with the nearest. The relation is preferred to the connection in the same degree, and among relations of the same degree, ...

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