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Comparison definition.  A cause of action exists for invasions of privacy involving 'publicity that unreasonably places the other in a false light before the public.' See, e.g., Machleder v. Diaz, 801 F.2d 46, 53 (2d Cir.1986), cert. denied, Machleder v. CBS, Inc.,  U.S.  , 107 S.Ct. 1294, 94 L.Ed.2d 150 (1987) (applying New Jersey law); Cibenko v. Worth Publishers, Inc., supra, 510 F.Supp. at 766; Faber v. Condecor, Inc., 195 N.J. Super. 81, 86-87 (App.Div.), certif. denied, 99 N.J. 178 (1984); Bisbee v. John C. Conover Agency, 186 N.J. Super. 335, 339 (App.Div.1982); N.O.C., Inc. v. Schaefer, 197 N.J. Super. 249, 253-54 (Law Div.1984); Devlin v. Greiner, 147 N.J. Super. 446, 461-62 (Law Div.1977); Palmer v. Schonhorn Enterprises, Inc., 96 N.J. Super. 72, 75 (Ch.Div.1967). Liability for this form of privacy invasion is found when [o]ne . . . gives publicity to a matter concerning another that places the other before the public in a false light [and] (a) the false light in which the other was placed would be highly offensive to a reasonable person, and (b) the actor had knowledge of or acted in reckless disregard as to the falsity of the ...

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