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'False imprisonment is restraint of one's liberty without any sufficient cause therefore.' Zayre of Va., Inc. v. Gowdy, 207 Va. 47, 147 S.E.2d 710, 713 (Va. 1966). The person need not be confined in a jail or placed in custody. Id.; Kress v. Musgrove, 153 Va. 348, 149 S.E. 453, 455 (Va. 1929). 'The plaintiff makes out a case for compensatory damages when he shows that he has been illegally detained without lawful process.' Montgomery Ward & Co. v. Wickline, 188 Va. 485, 50 S.E.2d 387, 389 (Va. 1948). it is enough that the person be placed in reasonable apprehension that unless he willingly submits, force will be used. Zayre, 147 S.E.2d at 713. If he does so submit to the extent that he is denied freedom of action, this restraint constitutes false imprisonment. Id.; Montgomery Ward & Co. v. Freeman, 199 F.2d 720, 723 (4th Cir. 1952) (citing W. T. Grant Co. v. Owens, 149 Va. 906, 141 S.E. 860, 865 (Va. 1928) ('any restraint by fear or force upon the action of another is unlawful, and constitutes false imprisonment unless a showing of justification makes it a true or legal imprisonment'). ...

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