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n. pl. Fairies. Enchantment; illusion. The country of the fays; land of illusions. An imaginary supernatural being or spirit, supposed to assume a human form either male or female, and to meddle for good or evil in the affairs of mankind; a fay. See Elf, and Demon. An enchantress. Fairy of the mine, an imaginary being supposed to inhabit mines, etc. German folklore tells of two species; one fierce and malevolent, the other gentle, See Kobold.

 - adj. Of or pertaining to fairies. Given by fairies; as, fairy money.

 - Fairy bird (Zool.), the European little tern (Sterna minuta); - called also sea swallow, and hooded tern.

 - Fairy bluebird. (Zool.) See under Bluebird.

 - Fairy martin (Zool.), a European swallow (Hirrundo ariel) that builds flask-shaped nests of mud on overhanging cliffs.

 - Fairy rings or circles, the circles formed in grassy lawns by certain fungi (as Marasmius Oreades), formerly supposed to be caused by fairies in their midnight dances.

 - Fairy shrimp (Zool.), a European fresh-water phyllopod crustacean (Chirocephalus diaphanus); - so called from its delicate colors, transparency, and graceful motions. The name is ...

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