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adj. Taught by use, practice, or experience, experienced; having facility of operation or performance from practice; knowing and ready from much practice; clever; skillful; as, an expert surgeon; expert in chess or archery.

Syn. - Adroit; dexterous; clever; ready; prompt.

 - n. An expert or experienced person; one instructed by experience; one who has skill, experience, or extensive knowledge in his calling or in any special branch of learning. (Law) (n) A specialist in a particular profession or department of science requiring for its mastery peculiar culture and erudition. A person who, through education or experience, has developed skill or knowledge in a particular subject, so that he or she may form an opinion that will assist the fact-finder. One who is so qualified, by actual experience or by careful study, who is capable of forming a definite opinion regarding events or circumstances within the area of his expertise which persons having no particular training or special study are incapable of forming accurate opinions or of deducing correct conclusions. Fed. R. Evid. 702. Such specialists may be witnesses in matters as to which ordinary observers could not without such aid form just conclusions, ...

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