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  In the case of Industries Sales Corporation v. Reliance Manufacturing Company, 243 Miss. 463, 138 So.2d 484 (1962), which involved a trust receipt financing arrangement, the Court held that constructive possession was sufficient to make a valid levy of execution. 'In this instance the officer took down the serial or model numbers of the property, and left it in the possession of the trustee, H & S, through Habeeb. In order for there to be a valid levy, the officer must assume dominion and control over the property, but the seizure may be either actual or constructive. An officer levying an execution on chattels is not required to physically take them with him, if he reduces them to his possession and control. The levy is not vitiated by leaving the chattels in the possession of the debtor.' Id. at 467, 138 So.2d at 486.

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