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vb. To take or leave out (anything) from a number or a whole as not belonging to it; to exclude; to omit. To object to; to protest against. To object.

 - vb. To take exception; to object; - usually followed by to, sometimes by against; as, to except to a witness or his testimony.

 - prep. With exclusion of; leaving or left out; excepting.

Syn. - Except, Excepting, But, Save, Besides. Excepting, except, but, and save are exclusive. Except marks exclusion more pointedly. 'I have finished all the letters except one,' is more marked than 'I have finished all the letters but one.' Excepting is the same as except, but less used. Save is chiefly found in poetry. Besides (lit., by the side of) is in the nature of addition. 'There is no one here except or but him,' means, take him away and there is nobody present. 'There is nobody here besides him,' means, he is present and by the side of, or in addition to, him is nobody. 'Few ladies, except her Majesty, could have made themselves heard.' In this example, besides should be used, not except. ...

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