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Minority view: Wide open and intermediate; A witness may be cross-examined on all relevant matters, whether or not covered on or related to a direct examination. Intermediate position: Cross examination may cover any matters raised on direct and any part of the defendant's case that is covered by denials of the plaintiff's case (this excludes affirmative defenses, cross claims, etc.). General view: Restricted scope; The majority restricts the scope of cross-examination to the credibility of the witness and any matters covered on direct. This includes testimony on direct that touches on any phase of the subject and opens the door to any other phase of the subject including inferences and deductions. On cross-examination under the majority, restricted view, a court can permit inquiry into additional matters. However, such cross-examination is in the nature of direct examination and the cross-examiner's right to use leading questions is limited. In addition, the cross-examiner may not be able to impeach the witness with respect to such testimony. The additional inquiry on cross-examination makes the examiner bound by the answers given.

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