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 A foreign statute is not law in this state, but it gives rise to an obligation, which, if transitory, 'follows the person and may be enforced wherever the person may be found' (Slater v. Mexican Nat. R. R. Co., 194 U.S. 120, 126); Lauria v. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. (241 Fed. Rep. 687); Cuba R. R. Co. v. Crosby, 222 U.S. 473, 478). 'No law can exist as such except the law of the land; but * * * it is a principle of every civilized law that vested rights shall be protected' (Beale, supra, § 51). The plaintiff owns something, and we help him to get it (Howarth v. Lombard, 175 Mass. 570; Walsh v. B. & M. R. R., 201 Mass. 527; Walsh v. N. Y. & N. E. R. R. Co., 160 Mass. 571; Beale, Conflict of Laws, §§ 51, 73). Courts do this unless some sound reason of public policy makes it unwise to lend aid. 'The law of the forum is material only as setting a limit of policy beyond which such obligations will not be enforced there' (Cuba R. R. Co. v. Crosby, supra, 478). Sometimes, courts ...

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