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 In Principles of Conflict of Laws (3d ed, 1963), Prof. George Wilfred Stumberg argues that the law which upholds the contract should determine the outcome of a choice-of-law problem in a contract case. He states: '* * * It would seem to be more desirable to uphold the contract if it satisfies the law of any place with which it has a substantial connection, unless performance at the place of performance is prohibited * * *.' Stumberg, supra at 238.

While discussing the principle of the law that upholds the contract, Stumberg points out that whatever theory of choice of laws is adopted, there is a danger that 'public policy' may be argued against the foreign law. Stumberg states his view of the 'public policy' argument in the following words: '* * * Policy as a ground for refusal of relief, it is believed, should be confined within narrow limits. As between the states, it should seldom, if at all, apply * * *.' Stumberg, supra at 239, footnote 59.

For the contrary view, see Currie and Schreter, Unconstitutional Discrimination in the Conflict of Laws: Privileges and Immunities, 69 Yale L J 1323 (1960).

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