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Latin. One who hires. n. Hirer, who employs for wage, contractor, who takes a contract, lessee renter. Lessee. In a contract of hiring, the conductor is he who pays the stipulated consideration for the subject let.

 - n. One who, or that which, conducts; a leader; a commander; a guide; a manager; a director.

 - One in charge of a public conveyance, as of a railroad train or a street car. A railroad employee in charge of a train or, at least, such part of the operations as are not within the province of the engineer.

 - (Mus.) The leader or director of an orchestra or chorus.

 - (Physics) A substance or body capable of being a medium for the transmission of certain forces, esp. heat or electricity; specifically, a lightning rod.

 - (Surg.) A grooved sound or staff used for directing instruments, as lithontriptic forceps, etc.; a director.

 - (Arch.) Same as Leader. Prime conductor

 - (Elec.), the largest conductor of an electrical machine, serving to collect, accumulate, or retain the electricity.

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