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adj. Acting in conjunction; agreeing in the same act or opinion; contributing to the same event or effect; cooperating. Conjoined; associate; concomitant; existing or happening at the same time. Joint and equal in authority; taking cognizance of similar questions; operating on the same objects; as, the concurrent jurisdiction of courts.

 - (Geom.) Meeting in one point.

Syn. - Meeting; uniting; accompanying; conjoined; associated; coincident; united.

 - n. One who, or that which, concurs; a joint or contributory cause. One pursuing the same course, or seeking the same objects; hence, a rival; an opponent.

 - (Chron.) One of the supernumerary days of the year over fifty-two complete weeks; - so called because they concur with the solar cycle, the course of which they follow. Running together; having the same authority; thus we say a concurrent consideration occurs in the case of mutual promises; such and such a court have concurrent jurisdiction; that is, each has the same jurisdiction.

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