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n. That which is conceived, imagined, or formed in the mind; idea; thought; image; conception. Faculty of conceiving ideas; mental faculty; apprehension; as, a man of quick conceit. Quickness of apprehension; active imagination; lively fancy. A fanciful, odd, or extravagant notion; a quant fancy; an unnatural or affected conception; a witty thought or turn of expression; a fanciful device; a whim; a quip.

 - An overweening idea of one's self; vanity. Design; pattern. In conceit with, in accord with; agreeing or conforming.

 - Out of conceit with, not having a favorable opinion of; not pleased with; as, a man is out of conceit with his dress.

 - To put out of conceit with, to make one indifferent to a thing, or in a degree displeased with it.

 - vb. To conceive; to imagine.

 - vb. To form an idea; to think.

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