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The competency of an insane person to testify as a witness lies in the discretion of the trial judge and a reviewing court will not disturb the ruling thereon where there is no abuse of discretion.' State v. Wildman, 145 Ohio St., 379, 61 N. E. (2d), 790. And in 2 Wigmore on Evidence (3 Ed.), Section 505, it is said: 'With reference to the general capacity to observe, recollect, and narrate, the same principles apply to Mental Immaturity that are applied to Mental Derangement.'

The essential test of the competency of an infant witness is his comprehension of the obligation to tell the truth and his intellectual capacity of observation, recollection and communication. The nature of his conception of the obligation to tell the truth is of little importance if he shows that he will fulfill the obligation to speak truthfully as a duty which he owes a Deity or something held in reverence or regard, and if he has the intellectual capacity to communicate his observations and experiences. 

The standard of competency of a child witness by which the discretion of the trial judge is to be guided is stated in Moore ...

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