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Latin. Comparison of writings. A comparison of letters; that is, of handwritings. This is resorted to as a mode of proof where it is essential to the question at issue to ascertain whether a certain document is, or is not, in the handwriting of a certain person. Thus, in an action for libel, it would be admitted to show by the handwriting that the libel was written by the defender. It is also resorted to in cases of deeds sought to be reduced on the ground that the signature to the challenged deed, is not the signature, or not the unaided signature of the party who bears to have subscribed it. But it was most frequently adopted in cases of forgery, where it was adduced for the purpose of proving that the forged signature was not that of the person whose signature it bore to be: and to this effect such evidence used to receive great weight. It was not considered so conclusive when adduced to prove that the forged signature was the handwriting of the panel. This kind of evidence does not now receive much weight, if otherwise unsupported, in cases of forgery. It was found that ...

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