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n. A passing from one state to another; change; alteration; mutation. The act of giving one thing for another; barter; exchange. Conversion of the value of labor services into a monetary payment.

 - (Law) The change of a penalty or punishment by the pardoning power of the State; as, the commutation of a sentence of death to banishment or imprisonment. A substitution, as of a less thing for a greater, esp. a substitution of one form of payment for another, or one payment for many, or a specific sum of money for conditional payments or allowances; as, commutation of tithes; commutation of fares; commutation of copyright; commutation of rations.

 - Angle of commutation (Astron.), the difference of the geocentric longitudes of the sun and a planet.

 - Commutation of tithes, the substitution of a regular payment, chargeable to the land, for the annual tithes in kind.

 - Commutation ticket, a ticket, as for transportation, which is the evidence of a contract for service at a reduced rate. See Commute. Punishments. The change of a punishment to which a person has been condemned into a less severe one. This can be ...

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