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Common types of adjustments are permitted for monies owed by one spouse to another. The claimant spouse may ask for reimbursements for improvements made to the other spouse's separate property made with community funds, for gifts of community property not consented to in writing, or for a failure to account for missing property under the other spouses exclusive control. A spouse can obtain adjustments for half of the community's right to reimbursement for payments of separate debts by the other spouse with community funds. A spouse can obtain adjustments at divorce for monies owed for separate use of community assets by the other spouse. There are limitations for reimbursements claims. Generally, there are statute of limitations placed on reimbursements rights for necessaries, community support, or alimony obligations. The spouse is usually required to bring such claims within three years after obtaining knowledge of the right of reimbursement, in the divorce proceedings, or after death occurring within three years of divorce.

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