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Latin. n. Comrade, companion, associate, partner, soldier devotee follower of another.

 - n. Count, earl (England), official, magnate, occupant of any state office. An Earl; an ancient Crown officer holding territorial jurisdiction similar to that of a Sheriff.

 - n. (Mus.) The answer to the theme (dux) in a fugue. Pleading. An introductory word in a formalized pleading, indicating an appearance to plead. In a plea, the defendant says, ' And the said C D, by E F, his attorney, comes, and defends. The word comes, venit, expresses the appearance of the defendant, in court. It is taken from the style of the entry of the proceedings on the record, and formed no part of the viva voce pleading. It is, accordingly, not considered as, in strictness, constituting a part of the Plea.

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