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Latin. A small writing tablet.

A codicil is a supplement to a will. It can add, alter, or delete provisions. A codicil can be executed subject to a condition. An addition to or modification of a will that alters or revokes present provisions in a will. A codicil does not terminate a will but merely changes parts or alters parts or simply modifies. A codicil may be contained in a document independent of the will so long as it is referenced in the will. A codicil is a testamentary instrument, executed subsequent to the will that alters, modifies, or expands the will provisions. A codicil must be executed with the same formalities as a will. It is possible to have a holographic codicil to a written will. A separate document is not required for a codicil. In holographic states, look to the validity of interlineations of a written will as being valid holographic codicils. A codicil can republish a prior will, it may incorporate by reference and validate an invalid prior will, or it may revive a previously revoked will that is still in existence.

Under the common law: An addition or supplement to a will; ...

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