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Justinian's code of laws. Justilian first published a collection of the imperial constitutions, A. D. 529, called ' Codex Justitianus.' This was the Emperor who first reduced the Roman law into certain order. For this purpose he employed the assistance of the most eminent lawyers in the empire, at tho head of whom was Tribonian. He ordered a collection to be made of everything that was useful in the writings of the lawyers before his time, which are said to have amounted to two thousand volumes. This work was executed by Tribonian, and sixteen associates, in three years, although they had been allowed ten years to finish it. It was published A. D. 533, under the title of 'Digest,' or 'Pandecti' (Pandecla vel Digesta). It is sometimes called in the singular ' The Digest,' or ' Pandect.'

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