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n. An outer garment fitting the upper part of the body; especially, such a garment worn by men. A petticoat. The habit or vesture of an order of men, indicating the order or office; cloth. An external covering like a garment, as fur, skin, wool, husk, or bark; as, the horses coats were sleek.

 - A layer of any substance covering another; a cover; a tegument; as, the coats of the eye; the coats of an onion; a coat of tar or varnish. Same as Coat of arms. See below. A coat card. Coat armor. See under Armor.

 - Coat of arms (Her.), a translation of the French cotte d'armes, a garment of light material worn over the armor in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was often charged with the heraldic bearings of the wearer. Hence, an heraldic achievement; the bearings of any person, taken together.

 - Coat card, a card bearing a coated figure; the king, queen, or knave of playing cards.

 - Coat link, a pair of buttons or studs joined by a link, to hold together the lapels of a double-breasted coat; or a button with ...

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