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n. The side of a thing. The exterior line, limit, or border of a country; frontier border. The seashore, or land near it.

 - The coast is clear, the danger is over; no enemy in sight. Fig.: There are no obstacles.

 - Coast guard. (a) A body of men originally employed along the coast to prevent smuggling; now, under the control of the admiralty, drilled as a naval reserve. (b) The force employed in life-saving stations along the seacoast.

 - Coast rat (Zool.), a South African mammal about the size of a rabbit, remarkable for its extensive burrows; - called also sand mole.

 - Coast waiter, a customhouse officer who superintends the landing or shipping of goods for the coast trade.

 - vb. To draw or keep near; to approach.

 - To sail by or near the shore. To sail from port to port in the same country.

 - To slide down hill; to slide on a sled, upon snow or ice.

 - vb. To draw near to; to approach; to keep near, or by the side of.

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