Helpful Hints
  • (1) You can search the entire content of Dean’s by phrase or by individual words. Just type your keywords into the search box and then pull down the search icon on the right and choose the option you need: search by word or by phrase or reset the content.
  • (2) Double click on a word in the content of a definition, and if the word is listed as a keyword in Dean’s, it will look that word up.
  • (3) You can use the search function to help jump the scrolling function. Simply type the first 2-3 letters into the search box then hit enter on your keyboard and the scroll will go to those Keywords that begin with those letters and allow you to scroll from there.

The opposing party is allowed to discover the factual basis for the typical claim. Normal discovery procedures are permitted for establishing the factual basis for a typical claim. Communications between class counsel and its unnamed members may only be limited if there is a likelihood of misleading or overreaching by the counsel. After certification, the class is deemed represented by counsel.

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