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Equal protection demands that there be no systematic exclusion from a jury venire based on grounds of religion, race, or political affiliation. However, the jury need not be composed of a cross section based on religion, race, or political affiliation. A jury may be selected on the basis of education, intelligence, judgment, or character if these standards are not administered in a discriminatory manner involving race, religion, or politics. There is no constitutional requirement that a blue ribbon jury be used in complicated cases.

In federal courts they select a jury venire by using voter registration lists that must be supplemented if the lists under represent any group that would be part of a fair cross section of the community. The characteristics of under representation may include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status. Any party may challenge the venire and require that a new venire be summoned. The venire must be in strict compliance with local plans promulgated by the federal court and be in conformity with national standards.

The jury venire must be selected from a cross section in compliance with local plans and national standards by a random method. If this has ...

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