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adj. Pertaining to a city or state, or to a citizen in his relations to his fellow citizens or to the state; within the city or state. Subject to government; reduced to order; civilized; not barbarous; - said of the community. Performing the duties of a citizen; obedient to government; - said of an individual.

 - Having the manners of one dwelling in a city, as opposed to those of savages or rustics; polite; courteous; complaisant; affable.

 - Pertaining to civic life and affairs, in distinction from military, ecclesiastical, or official state.

 - Relating to rights and remedies sought by action or suit distinct from criminal proceedings. Civil action, an action to enforce the rights or redress the wrongs of an individual, not involving a criminal proceeding.

 - Civil architecture, the architecture which is employed in constructing buildings for the purposes of civil life, in distinction from military and naval architecture, as private houses, palaces, churches, etc.

 - Civil death. (Law.) See under Death.

 - Civil engineering. See under Engineering.

 - Civil law. The law that applies to private rights as opposed to the ...

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