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adj. Consisting in, or pertaining to, circumstances or particular incidents. Incidental; relating to, but not essential. Abounding with circumstances; detailing or exhibiting all the circumstances; minute; particular.

 - Circumstantial evidence (Law), evidence obtained from circumstances, which necessarily or usually attend facts of a particular nature, from which arises presumption. According to some authorities circumstantial is distinguished from positive evidence in that the latter is the testimony of eyewitnesses to a fact or the admission of a party; but the prevalent opinion now is that all such testimony is dependent on circumstances for its support. All testimony is more or less circumstantial.

Syn. - See Minute.

 - n. Something incidental to the main subject, but of less importance; opposed to an essential; - generally in the plural; as, the circumstantials of religion. Facts or proof that is pertinent to but not immediately related to an event or a transaction but such that a trier of fact can draw reasonable inferences as to the manner in which an event occurred.

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