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See Vicarious liability (agency). Agency is the relationship which results from (1) the manifestation of consent of one person to another that (2) the other shall act on his behalf and subject to his control, and (3) consent by the other so to act: Chalupiak v. Stahlman, 368 Pa. 83, 81 A. 2d 577 (1951); Restatement (Second), Agency § 1 (1) (1958). Such agency results only if there is an agreement for the creation of a fiduciary relationship with control by the beneficiary: Rosenberg v. Cohen, 370 Pa. 507, 88 A. 2d 707 (1952); Restatement (Second), Agency § 1, comments a and b (1958). 'The right of control by the principal may be exercised by prescribing what the agent shall or shall not do before the agent acts, or at the time when he acts, or at both times . . . . Further, the principal has power to revoke the agent's authority, although this would constitute a breach of his contract with him . . . . The control of the principal does not, however, include control at every moment; its exercise may be very attenuated and, as where the principal is physically absent, may be ...

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