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To startle from quiet; to alarm. To frighten; to scare; to frighten away. The act of suddenly disturbing anyone; an assault or attack. Alarm; terror; fright. A tumultuous assault or quarrel; a brawl; a fray.

 - (Law) The fighting of two or more persons, in a public place, to the terror of others. A fighting in private is not, in a legal sense, an affray. 

Syn. - Quarrel; brawl; scuffle; encounter; fight; contest; feud; tumult; disturbance. 

 - An affray is a mutual fight in a public place to the terror or alarm of the people. The fighting of two or more persons, in some public place, to the terror of the people. To constitute this offense there must be, a fighting; the fighting must be between two or more persons; it must be in some public place; it must be to the terror of the people. Words alone will not constitute the offense but if uttered in a public place accompanied by threats, drawing weapons, and attempting to use them, thus terrifying the people and disturbing the public tranquility, the offense is committed. It differs from a riot, it not being ...

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