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Latin. Fines payable to the King, on suing by special original writ, were formerly of several sorts; some in nature of an exaction by the King, on giving leave to a subject to prosecute n writ in his superior courts; others, in nature of a penalty, set upon offenders after conviction; and on plaintiffs failing in their suits; or parties making false claims; or for fraud and deceit to the court; for vexation under color of law; for contempt of the King's writs or statutes; others, again, in nature of an imposition set by the court on the suitors, with a view to enforce plainness und perspicuity in pleading. The latter were imposed, even in the superior courts, till the statute of Marlbridge provided 'that neither in the circuit of justices, nor in counties, hundreds, and courts baron, any fines should be taken of any man pro pulchre placitando, or beau-pleading, which statute was further enforced; and made to extend to the superior courts by stat. Westminster, the first 3d Edward 1. c. 8. But the former species of fines were suffered to continue; and they were formerly of money, or other things, as money was scarce. 

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