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Maryland Family Law Art. § 5-308(b)(1)(ii) entitles an adopted person to all the rights and privileges of a natural child insofar as the adoptive parents are concerned, but adoption does not confer upon the adopted child more rights and privileges than those possessed by a natural child. To construe Est. & Trusts Art. § 1-207(a) so as to allow dual inheritance would bestow upon an adopted child a superior status. That status was removed in Laws 1963, Ch. 174 which, as we have said, expressly disallowed the dual inheritance capability of adopted children by providing that 'the adopted child shall lose all rights of inheritance from its parents and from their natural collateral or lineal relatives.' Family Law Art. § 5-308 plainly mandates that adoption be considered a 'rebirth' into a completely different relationship. Once a child is adopted, the rights of both the natural parents and relatives are terminated. L.F.M. v. Department of Social Services, 67 Md.App. 379, 507 A.2d 1151 (1986). Est. & Trusts Art. § 1-207(a) and Family Law Art. § 5-308 emphasize the clean-cut severance from the natural bloodline. Because an adopted child has no right to inherit from the estate of a natural ...

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